2023 Presidency: We The Igbos are Not Matured To Win, We Need More Time To Get Matured -Ginika Tor

In order to win in 2023 , the Igbo people need further time to develop , according to Ginika Tor .

Princess Ginika Tor , the Enugu state native who’s managing Asiwaju Tinubu’s presidential crusade, has said that the occupants of Igboland aren’t ignorant people who warrant the capacity to produce the country’s unborn leader.
During a recent interview she conducted on the TVC News Program Politics Tonight, Princess Ginika made this specific comment.

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According to her view, the politicians in the South East don’t present a united front while promoting their favouredcourse.She appertained to a situation that passed during the APC presidential primaries in which the contending Igbo campaigners refused to make way for one another.

Pay attention to what she has to say. ”  I anticipated my South East East lines to gather in one place and choose one or two campaigners, but they didn’t. rather, each of them went out and spent 100 million naira on forms, and in the end, we were unfit to agree on a seeker. Because of this, I believe that we Igbos still need further time to develop and come mature enough to win.

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