CELEBRITIESMona Monyane opens up on her co-parenting journey

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Mona Monyane has opened out about her experience co-parenting on social media.

The actress posted pictures of her co-parenting partner and ex-husband Khulu Skenjana during her daughter’s special day on Instagram.

Mona acknowledged that it had been difficult, but she had chosen to see the bright side as she offered advice to those travelling a similar route.


1. Strike a peaceful rather than aggressive tone (but this does not ensure that your co-parent will follow suit);

2. Keep in mind that your child has a separate bond with each of you; don’t force them to pick (A relationship can fail but a parent is forever)

3. Decide on the child’s best interests (If your child loves you both, do your best to both be in their lives)

4. Maintain your composure in the face of difficulty (Clutch a pearl, Sis; if you must battle, get a lawyer; but don’t be the one acting like a slum in the streets!)

5. Resolve conflicts amicably rather than escalating them (No good comes from attacking the parent of your child because of your own issues with them) 6. Treat your own discomfort to avoid operating from EGO (Heal so you can also work from a place of objectivity and maturity when dealing with the other parent) 7. “Our children are not here to inherit our pain and negativity; get your act together for their sake. Don’t make your drama with your co-parent your child’s problem.”

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