Ku Akad Kau Dengan Bismillah (TV3)

Ke Akad Kau Dengan Bismillah, a drama based on the book by Wawa Akil, will soon broadcast on Asia TV 3. The 28th installment of the drama, which starred Aliff Aziz and Sophia AlBarakbah, was produced by Osman Ali.

Starting on February 6th, 2023, Ke Akad Kau Dengan Bismillah will start broadcasting on TV3 every Isnin through Jumaat day at 7 a.m.



Ku Akad Kau Dengan Bismillah


28th season
Date Period: February 6, 2023
It is Isnin-Jumaat, seven in the morning.
tonton and Akasia TV3 in Rangkaian
Penulis Skrip: Mimie Zakaria and Farah Izzati
The pengarah of Yus Yusop and Osman Ali
Producing company: Nuansa Sdn Berhad
Soundtrack music from Genggam by Aliff Aziz

Watak Pelakon


source : Cintatv.com 


In the role of Raisya, Sophia AlBarakbah Adam Zikry, Luth Mikail Shah Iskandar, and Hannah Aliff Aziz all appear in the performance.
Lukman Hakim, portrayed by Jasmine Suraya, as Maira Zaki Azeman
Didi Astillah, Haikal Letchumi Sandraj, Reena Jasper Supayah, Najia Jasmin Hamid, Datuk Safiah Kuna Muzani, Umi Shahidan Izwan, Aidil Hilal Azman, Zahid Zack Zabhas, Dato Muzaffar Ammar Bahri, Manan Ayu Ayuni, and Alia Syrul Ezwan are some of the individuals mentioned.

Ku Akad Kau With Allah’s Gifts Synopsis

Hannah is a successful entrepreneur. Now she has heard news that wasn’t meant for her.

Hannah had woken up from twilight one day and found herself next to an unknown lelaki, resting against the wall of Maira’s chamber.

The experts have had an impact on Hannah’s existence. Sadly, the aforementioned gadis have also spread out among the group. Hannah was told to keep her real name a secret from everyone.

But after a few years, Takdir finally acknowledged the emergence of the Asian lelaki.

A member of the executive council of a pembinaan syarikat named Luth Mikail returned and connected with Hannah.

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